about me




  1. in a sincere or genuine way.

This idea of an "About" page is a daunting task. I could tell you the basics - My name is Jailen, I grew up in Northern California, I go to UC Davis. These truly are facts about me. However, that's boring, so we'll take a different approach.

Growing up, math and science always just made sense. There were clear rules that were easy to follow, and being the daughter of a school administrator and a law enforcement officer, I liked rules. However, my comfort zone has never been a place I seem to be able to stay. Auditioning for Honk Jr. The Musical at eight years old launched me into the world of the arts and I've never looked back.

“Sincerely, Jailen” came out of a period of transition. It all started with the YouTube channel that I launched in 2012 when I was in middle school and thought that I would become the next big makeup guru (Spoiler Art: I’m not a beauty guru). I was originally “Beauty is Personal," with a cute little tagline and everything. I primarily did makeup videos - I would call them tutorials but looking back I truly should apologize to anyone that followed my instruction.


As I entered college, makeup wasn’t my focus anymore. Having to wake up and walk a mile to an 8am class will really inspire you to simplify your morning routine. I wanted to broaden my channel to showcase myself authentically - Sincerely, Jailen. As I expanded into video production for promotional videos and other commissions, Sincerely, Jailen expanded, as well. In all of my endeavors, I wanted to showcase myself authentically. I’ve come to believe that art, in any form, is the most vulnerable form of self expression.

This love for expression through art has expanded from just videography into, photography, digital and canvas art and so much more and over the past four years I've been able to build Sincerely, Jailen into a business that I love deeply. I don't know where it will lead, but I'm excited for the journey.

So, essentially, this website, like my art, is me. My heart and soul digitized into millions of pixels for your viewing pleasure.


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